Do Essential oils really make a difference in your health support?

Millions have testimonies saying they do! If you are a skeptic...that's okay... I once felt the same way. But this skeptic "disbeliever" turned into a believer shortly after receiving my first oils.  

My initial thoughts after my good friend suggested essential oils for my daughter’s hormone support and my digestive support was limited to a very narrow mindset of “they smell good but they certainly can’t do much for our body support".... I was very wrong! Essential oils powerful effect is the reason they have now been in our lives for over nine years. A healthy diet, chemical free lifestyle and supporting wellness with essential oils has brought us a life of energy, vitality and balance" What can these changes do for you and your family?

What can essential oils offer to you and your family?

Their molecularly miniscule-natural- chemical constituents are welcomed by our body and cells. This allows essential oils to absorb into our bodies:  

  • for healthy cell membrane support. 
  • to offer powerful emotional support.  
  • to penetrate deeply into muscles, ligaments and tendons to soothe and relax.
  • to support healthy circulation in the body-circulation is vital to all body systems and functions to regeneate and repair. 
  • to support healthy skin and skin cell regeneration AND cross the blood brain barrier membrane for oxygen support in our brain health.  

Now that you have discovered Young Living-it's the perfect time to include Essential Oils in your health plan!


You can get started with Young Living Essential Oils as either a Member or as a Retail Customer. Retail customers pay 24% above Member price. For the best pricing, I recommend becoming a Member. As a member, there is NO selling, NO monthly minimums and 24% off retail price (always!) To receive Member pricing, you simply choose a one-time "Get Started" Kit. 

You have your choice of kits but the one I chose and that I recommend for you is the Premium Starter Kit --this is an amazing set of Eleven oils with Diffuser (at a fabulous price!) that makes it easy for you to have the oils on hand that serve as a "foundation" that every family should have in their Wellness chest of Essential Oils.


With a Premium Kit, you receive:  

  • A beautiful Essential Oils Diffuser, Total of eleven bottles of essential oils--(don't worry-I'll help you learn how to use them)- consisting of:
  • Five-5 ml bottles of Oils of Lavender, Frankincense, Panaway blend, R.C. blend, Purification blend--PLUS-- 
  • Five-5 ml bottles of Oils approved for internal use called "Vitality oils"--Lemon, Peppermint, Copaiba, Thieves blend , DiGize blend 
  • One-5 ml bottle of Oil called "Stress Away"  
    Ten Sampler packets with five different oils-perfect to carry in your purse and use "on the go" or for sharing 
  • A roller ball to put on your favorite bottle of oil for easy roll on application (kids & &lderly people love using a roller ball to apply their oils) 
  • Ten small empty bottles to fill with your favorite oils for travel, purse or sharing 
  • Two packets of Ningxia Red-a health supporting drink with essential oils, berries and loaded with antioxidants 
  • Ten Sharing cards, a 2018 Product Guide

That's $360 value for the price of $165!

If you allow for the price of the diffuser-each bottle of essential oil calculates to about $8 per bottle-that’s better than even the big box stores!!!

NO monthly minimums - NO Selling required!

I love to use Essential Oils to replace everyday products in my home that were loaded with chemicals to create a safer environment for my family and pets. Oils can be combined to save you money with everyday, chemical free products (coconut oil, castile soap, white vinegar etc).

That's just one more reason why having the Premium Starter Kit oils on hand are a great idea!

Here are just a few products you can make using the oils in your Premium Starter Kit: 

* Add Lavender oil to coconut oil for a safe, soothing and gorgeous smelling body lotion for you and your children

* Add Purification oil blend (Single oils of Citronella, Lemongrass (yum!), Rosemary-and more), in water with a pinch of Epsom salt for an effective outoor "Pest Away" spray for you, your children and your dog.

**OR mix Purification with coconut oil and a bit of baking soda for a freshening underarms all day-no more chemical deodorants (think Irish Spring...only waaaay better ;-)!

* Have an economical, chemical free, powerful cleansing foaming hand soap for every sink in your home-- Add Thieves oil blend (Single oils of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Rosemary) to liquid Castile soap.

* Add Young Living pure Lavender oil in a spray bottle for a bedtime spray on our pillow OR as a room freshening spray.

*Mix Frankincense oil with olive oil (or Jojoba oil) for a luxurious skin supporting face lotion.

Easy, chemical free and cost effective! The possibilities are endless for creating your own products with essential oils.

What's The Difference?

Price questions...I often hear the comment “I can get another brand cheaper at “X” big box store, pharmacy, health store or on Amazon”. Fair enough. Yes, you can. I once felt the same way....why spend more if I can get more oil for less money?  

I had no idea there were different grades of quality in essential oils and that there is no government regulation for the labeling on the bottles. The skyrocketing popularity of natural health products, including essential oils has created a massive range of purity (or lack of purity) in essential oils on the market.

"Word of mouth is powerful. If a product is bad, you will hear about it. Likewise, if it's good....Young Living's recent record month was over 120,000 new members. Why? Because people sharing their amazing experience specifically from Young Living's essential oils. With a 20+ year history of being the leader in the industry, you can be assured they will never compromise quality. Quality equates to safety, purity and potency. And potency equals results you can see and feel for both you AND your family."  

Potency also means using less drops of oil to get great effect. If you use one drop of YL oil vs 4 drops of the cheaper the cheaper brand really any cheaper?


PLUS you get BONUSES when you get your Premium Kit to become a member of my team.

  • A "Getting Started Text series (if you choose to Opt In for them) to help you learn how to use your oils this is the favorite choice of learning for my team)"
  • A Monthly "Oily Newsletter" to keep you up to date 
    A series of Getting Started emails
  • And...entry into my Private Facebook group where I share tips, recipes and wellness ideas for using your oils. Members can also post their questions or comments to help each other and share ideas or tips.
  • Plus an Essential Oils EGuide packed with information. Yours to download and access any time you want help learning how to use your Oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Become A Wholesale Member?

Because the savings are more than awesome! (and who doesn’t love saving money???). Becoming a wholesale member gives you a 24% wholesale member discount off Retail pricing that gives your Premium Starter Kit valued at approximately $362 Retail for just $165! Plus, ALL future orders (no matter how long between orders will be 24% off too-all benefits of ordering the Premium Starter Kit to become a wholesale member. 

Is there a monthly order minimum?

NO. You can just order what you need when you need it. 

Can’t I just order a few bottles and forget the kit?

You can. But it will be at Retail-24% above wholesale and most people that order a few bottles end up with many of the same oils from the Starter Kit. It doesn’t take long for a few bottles at retail cost to get close to the price of the premium kit to get eleven oils in one shot! 

Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a wholesale member?

Absolutely not! No selling is ever required nor, in my group, are you ever pushed to sell oils. Your oils journey is for you and your family to experience the supportive health benefits you and your family can attain with essential oils.

Can I order a smaller kit than the Premium Kit to get wholesale pricing?

Yes-all starter kits are listed when you Click on the Get Your Kit link and set up your account. There are $45 and $75 kits as well but they do not offer the eleven oils at the fabulous starter kit price. In all my years of sponsoring new oilers, my experience is about 95% of those who get smaller kits drop off the map of using oils. They just don't get a good introduction to oils with the smaller kit to help them realize oils benefits.

The Starter Kit gives me a 24% off wholesale account, but if I get these oils, I don’t know how to use them….  

That’s why it’s important to consider who your Enroller/Sponsor will be when you get your Starter Kit. Choosing myself when you get a Premium Kit with ANY diffuser option qualifies you for my bonuses shown below that will give you a jump on how to use your amazing oils!

Become a wholesale Member = get 24% off on your Starter Kit and all future purchases when you choose the Premium Starter Kit—--setting up your account is much like setting up a new account online for many online retail sites.

 And remember, getting your own account means you can order online at any time--day or night--to replace one bottle of oil OR multiple oils...all at your wholesale pricing of 24% off Retail with NO monthly miniumums-order what you want-WHEN you want. :